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Spray Tan Certification

Getting Spray Tan Certification


If have been thinking about getting certified so that you can apply spray tan, you are considering a fun and rewarding job. There is something really fulfilling about helping people feel good about how they look and a nice tan definitely helps to boost confidence. It also pays a good per hour rate. Once you become established and have many clients, you can make a pretty good living. But how do you get certified? There are three ways you can get your certification in spray tanning.


Cosmetology School


The majority of people certified in spray tanning, got certified in cosmetology school. Find more info about this from our site. They received a general cosmetology license and got certified in spray tanning to expand their skillset. It may be a good idea to take this route because you will be able to offer your spray tan clients many other services which will increase your income.




If you have a cosmetology license already or a degree of some sort and do not wish to go back to school just to earn a spray tan certification, you can become an apprentice. You would need to find someone who is already certified who is willing to teach you. They type of apprenticeship you have will vary greatly depending on whom you choose to study under.


Some licensed spray tan technicians will agree to teach you the ropes in exchange for free work. Some teach you if you pay them. The frequency of your lessons will also vary depending on who you work with. After you have spent a certain amount of hours learning how to spray tan, you will need to take a simple to test to ensure that you understand the process.


Certification Programs


If you don't want to go to back school and take on all the hours that are required to become a cosmetologist and you don't know anyone willing to teach you, certification programs are another route you can take. With certification programs you take classes just as you would in cosmetology school but the classes are really short and the only thing you will be learning about is spray tanning.


Operating a spray tan machine is really easy. It is so easy that you may feel that it is not necessary to invest so much time or money it getting certified and that you can just do it without a certification. Read more about this when you view website. That is not advisable, however. If you are caught working without a certification you could be subjected to huge fines.